Pistacchio Verde di Bronte D.O.P. Biologico


Discover the irresistible goodness of our shelled Bronte Green Pistachio D.O.P. Organic, a true agricultural gem matured with passion and commitment in the lush volcanic lands of Bronte. Our company, Cimbali Pistacchi-Bio, stands out for its D.O.P. and Organic certifications, ensuring a product that embodies the quintessence of quality and Sicilian tradition.

Our shelled pistachios are born from a wise balance between centuries-old agricultural practices and innovative organic techniques, combining the best of tradition and innovation. This not only enhances their unique flavor but ensures that each pistachio is a concentrate of well-being and purity, ready to be enjoyed in its purest and most natural form.

Cosa Significa "SGUSCIATO"?

The term 'shelled' refers to pistachios removed from their natural shell after harvesting, offering convenience and practicality in directly savoring the fruit. Though more vulnerable to air and moisture, shelled pistachios retain their nutritional and organoleptic qualities intact, requiring careful packaging to maintain freshness and flavor.

Ideal for those looking for a quick solution, shelled pistachios are perfect both as a healthy snack and as versatile ingredients in the kitchen, for both sweet and savory dishes, combining practicality with the rich flavor of pistachio.


The shelled Bronte Green Pistachio D.O.P. Organic is characterized by an intense and delicately sweetish taste, enriched by unique aromatic nuances. Without the shell, its true essence emerges more easily, offering a direct and rich taste experience to the palate.

These shelled pistachios are extremely versatile in the kitchen, perfect not only as a practical and immediate snack but also as refined ingredients in various preparations. Their crunchy texture and pronounced flavor make them ideal for adding a special touch to desserts, such as cakes and cookies, or to enhance savory dishes, like salads, first and second courses. They are also an excellent addition to ice creams and desserts, where their distinctive taste harmoniously blends with the sweetness of the dish, creating a unique and unforgettable balance of flavors.


Every pistachio we present to you is a product of excellence, proudly cultivated in our 37-hectare pistachio grove in Bronte. The D.O.P. certification ensures that each step, from cultivation to harvesting, is carried out according to strict quality standards and in a well-defined geographical area. The BIO certification, on the other hand, confirms our commitment to sustainable cultivation, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, respecting the health of our consumers and the environment.

With “Cimbali Pistacchi-Bio”, you choose not just a pistachio, but a story of passion and quality that has been handed down for over four generations. Savor the authentic taste of the Bronte Green Pistachio, the "green gold" of Sicily.