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Cimbali Pietro, Massimo Enrico e Fabiola
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The “Cimbali Pistacchi-Bio” is a historic farm located in the territory of the City of Bronte, born from the love for their land and the pistachio that grows at its own fund handed down for over four generations.

The pistachio, one of the largest in Bronte, covers an area of about 37 hectares, all on lava rock, and is cultivated according to a centuries-old tradition characterized by the collection of the fruit on a two-yearly basis in order to obtain a product of excellent quality .

For this reason, the activity carried out for more than 120 years has ensured the company a leading role in the production of “GREEN GOLD”.


Green Bronte pistachio
D.O.P. Biological
in shell

Green Bronte pistachio
D.O.P. Biological

di Pistacchio Verde di Bronte
D.O.P. Biologico

of green Bronte pistachio
D.O.P. Biological

of green Bronte pistachio
D.O.P. Biological

Certificazione D.O.P

The company is also part of the Consortium for the protection of the green pistachio of Bronte and since 1933 has started the cultivation in organic, thus resulting among the rare agricultural realities to be in possession of both D.O.P and BIO certification.

The “Cimbali Pistacchi-Bio” is, therefore, one of the few farms of Bronte to use, transform and market its product with the certainty of being able to offer the consumer the guarantee of an original, selected and above all high quality organic pistachio .


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